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Delhi Restaurant Denies Entry To Woman In Saree Because Dress Code Was Smart Casuals. This Is Stupid

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Unlike other countries, in India, the definition of smart casuals or formals in India is not just restricted to wearing pants, suits, shirts, etc. For women, it includes salwar kameez and sarees too. For most Indian women saree is both, smart casuals as well as formal attire. And I understand that it may not be recognized around the world, but when you’re in India, this is just common sense. Well, not for everyone I guess. At least not for this restaurant in Delhi, called Aquila, that denied entry to a woman because she was wearing a saree and they only allow smart casuals. Are they serious?

Recently, a restaurant in Delhi, Aquila, in an undated incident went viral when they did not allow entry to a woman as she was wearing a saree and that did not fit their dress code. According to the restaurant, only those wearing smart casuals are allowed to enter.


The video of the incident went viral on Twitter and netizens who came across this have shown their outrage towards it. In the unverified video, a woman is seen asking an employee of the Delhi-based restaurant whether a saree is allowed or not. To this, the employee of Aquila responded stating, “saree does not count as smart casuals” and they only allow smart casuals as dress code.

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As per Free Press Journal, the video was shared multiple times and enraged a lot of Indians who called the Delhi restaurant discriminatory and elitist. Anita Chaudhary, one of the netizens who shared the video wrote, “Saree is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian Saree is now not an smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of Smart outfit plz tell me. Please define smart outfit so I will stop wearing saree.” 


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Another person who shared the video of the restaurant wrote, “Legally perhaps this restaurant is safe as a private place can impose their dress code on patrons. However, the fact that #saree is not considered appropriate attire for any place in our country is disturbing, to say the least. We have a messed up concept of what’s modern & cool.” One of the other Twitter users revealed that Aquila, the restaurant in Delhi, had bad ratings everywhere on the internet.


And for all the right reasons. I mean, isn’t this stupid? It is a restaurant based in Delhi, India, the capital of a country where many of the women wear sarees on a regular basis. A country that is proud of its cultural attire. I mean at what point do you think the owners and employees of Aquila realized that disregarding a saree as a smart casual was a stupid thing to do? Or have they even realized it yet? Honestly, who knows, but I really hope (for their betterment) that they change their definition of smart casuals if they want Indians as their customers. Just saying.

In Delhi, A Woman Was Refused Entry In A Restaurant For Wearing Indian Clothes. Twitter Is Furious, As Are We!


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