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7 Decor Products That Will Turn Your Room Into A Traveller’s Den!

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If anyone grants me one wish, I would ask them to buy me a one-way ticket for a world tour. Travelling is my bliss and nothing makes me smile more than exploring new places. If that’s how you feel too, then you are a wanderer by nature. The only problem is we have work lives and can only dream of going to new places often enough. But, what if we bring the world to our homes and travel every day? Here are some cute decor ideas and products that will inspire you to turn your room into a traveller’s paradise!


wall decal_hauterfly

Courtesy: Etsy

1. Wall Decals

These wall decals showcasing iconic monuments across the world will immediately liven up your rooms and make your plain white walls look absolutely fresh and funky! You could experiment with different kinds of wall decals that are travel-related.


Wall Decal Cat_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Sowrna Animal Lamp Wall Decal (Rs 1,672)


Travel magnet_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Letternote

2. Fridge Magnets

I know a lot of people who always come back from their travels with fridge magnets as souvenirs. How about buying one that inspires you to travel?


Travel Magnet_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Travel Map Fridge Magnet (Rs 100)


Photo Strings_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Lotaro

3. Photo Strings

Travel photographs are the perfect way to relive memories, and what’s better than hanging them up on strings with cute little pegs! The icing on the cake is if you own a Polaroid camera and can take some lovely photos to show them off!


Wooden Pegs_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Touch Mini Wooden Heart Pegs (Rs 767)


4. Vintage Trunks

We all need side tables for our rooms. Here is a vintage trunk that doubles up as a table and looks so vintage chic!


Vintage Trunk_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Wooden Treasure Chest (Rs 16,552)


Travel Pillows_Hauterfly

Courtesy: PB Teen

5. Pillow Covers

Now go exploring while you sleep with these adorable pillow covers!


Cushion Cover_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Calvin And Hobbes Exploring Cushion Cover (Rs 159)


Paris Room_Hauterfly

Courtesy: I Heart Naptime

6. Wall Clocks

How about a constant reminder that you need to travel? And Paris will just add that touch of beauty to your room.


Paris Clock_hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Retro Paris Clock (Rs 875)


City Sign Boards_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Etsy

7. Sign Boards

Hang them around your room so that you are always motivated to go on an adventure!


Sign Board_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Car Sign Going Places (Rs 190)



Courtesy: Etsy

8. Door Mat

Every time you enter your home, adventure will be waiting on the other side!


door mat_Hauterfly

SHOP NOW: Wanderlust Mats (Rs 750)


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