Get The Look: Parineeti Chopra’s Delightful Study Room!

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Confession: I think I’m addicted to Pinterest. Every time I open up the social media platform, I legit get lost, to an extent that I think I might need therapy. What boards do I look at? All things décor. By now, I’m pretty sure I could become an interior designer.

I keep working, and re-working, on the way my room looks, much to the disappointment of my mom. And currently, I’m crushing on Parineeti Chopra’s gorgeous, sea-facing home in Bandra.


Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Architectural Digest


Plants welcome you at the entrance, along with quirky wall pieces that instantly make you want to never leave. Let’s not even talk about the beauty that her terrace is. Instead, today I’ll in length dissect her favourite corner of the house – the study den.

It is a reader’s paradise to put it in simple words. A bookshelf runs along the walls of the space with hundreds of novels waiting to be picked; of course, with a cup of tea.

A blue couch makes late night reading a fantastic reality. That teamed with cushions of all kinds – quotes, monochrome prints, colourful patterns and solic colours! A clock with Roman numerals adds to the rustic charm of the room.

Don’t think it could get any better? Well, wait for it. Parineeti has a coffee table with a Monopoly glass top just depicting how cool the actress is. Also, please don’t forget the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ poster among the books. Just makes us like her more, no?

My point of discussing her cosy space is that now you can recreate the feel in your very own abode! Yup, cannot afford a sea-facing home in Bandra but surely can make a nook as awesome as hers, in my own house.

Scroll down to see where you can find products similar to her space and give your own room a vibrant touch!

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Teawery Grey Cushion Cover (Rs 399)


Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

PosterGuy Cycle Pattern Cushion Cover (Rs 449)


Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Pepperfry Set of 2 Red Cushion Covers (Rs 409)

Cushions of various types can make your space feel warm and happy!

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Love This Stuff Wooden Letter (Rs 399)

Wooden letters like these can be customised and arranged to form the word that makes your heart sing. Parineeti went for Love; what will be your choice?

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

SWHF Patchwork Leather Rug (Rs 8,999)

A checkered grey rug to balance the colours of the room? Perfect.

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

A 10 Frosty White Book Shelf (Rs 5,999)

If you don’t have a huge wall to dedicate to just books, then invest in a small, cutesy white bookshelf.

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Pepperfry Random Wood Clock (Rs 1,889)

Ditch the boring ol’ clock and go Roman. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference.

Parineeti Chopra House_Hauterfly

Red Wolf Friends Quotes Poster (Rs 249)

And of course, buy a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. poster and frame it! You can also gift it to me :)

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