7 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Cosy Space You’ll Never Want To Leave

7 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Cosy Space You’ll Never Want To Leave

The monsoon plays spoilsport with every outdoor plan, in return putting so much pressure for the indoor setting to be on point! Of course, I’m not complaining. I love a day spent all cosied up with a steaming hot cuppa tea and a great book for company. But if your home isn’t exactly feeling like that perfectly cosy pad thanks to the rainy season gloom, a monsoon home makeover might just fix that.

What would you say to the serene sound of wind chimes in a softly-lit, vanilla-scented room? Well, we’ve found you the perfect home accessories to help you create just that, and turn your living room into a place of zen.  Take a look.

Inpost- Monsoon Decor 1

Pink Metal Hanging Bucket (Rs 649)

1. Decorate your windows with planters

You’ll be gazing out the window, watching the rain pour down anyway; might as well make your view worthwhile. Ditch the flower vases from the centre table, and hang up a few colourful planters by the window or in your balcony.

Inpost- Monsoon Decor 2

Apple Cinnamon Scented Tin Candle (Rs 374)

2. Light some scented candles

The monsoon humidity often causes your home to smell musty, and it’s hard as hell to drive that smell away. Scented candles and diffusers are a great way to warm up the home, and leave it fragrant too. Try scents like vanilla, cinnamon or cranberry that are perfect for the monsoon weather.

Metal Umbrella Holder (Rs 1699)

3. Bring in a quirky umbrella stand

Who wants to see a puddle of water next to an umbrella left by the door step? Get yourself an umbrella stand that is functional and adds a design element to the overall space.

Inpost- Monsoon Decor 4

Cane Weave Lamp (Rs 2450)

4. Switch to softer lighting

Avoid the harsh tube lights and LED bulbs, and choose softer lampshade lighting. It adds to the warmth of the room and can set the mood for a romantic monsoon evening. If buying a lamp is too much, you could try fairy lights instead.

Inpost- Monsoon Decor 5

Floret Jamboree Bathmat (Rs 532)

5. Place a mat by the door

Choose a door mat with a nice pattern to camouflage the dirt left behind from wet shoes and sandals. Something colourful that brightens up the space is really your best bet.

Inpost- Monsoon Decor 7

Floral Cushion Cover (Rs 350)

6. Add some accent cushions

Put away the neutrals, and bring on the colour with some fab, new cushion covers. Bright colours like yellow, orange and pink can uplift the overall look of your room instantly.

Inpost- Monsoon Decor 6

Wood & Copper Handpainted Hanging (Rs 689)

7. Hang up a wind chime

As the breeze blows into the room, it is essential to have a wind chime to work its charm. What a great feeling to sit by the window sill, sipping coffee, with the melodious sound of the wind chime in the background.

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