7 Nifty Ways To Spruce Up Your Desk Space On A Budget!

7 Nifty Ways To Spruce Up Your Desk Space On A Budget!

In India, the concept of a study is pretty much alien, but a work desk… now everyone has one of those. Never mind that it sports coffee mug stains, is cluttered AF, and pretty much never used. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you know. Your study table or work desk should be an empowering space where you can accomplish anything you put your mind to! But how do you make it inviting, inspiring, and comfortable? Well, we’re here to show you how.

Sprucing up your desk need not require a huge investment. There are several ways you can declutter and decorate on a budget. Take a look at 7 nifty ideas.


1. Bring in some plants

Add a little nature to your desk, whether it is a bunch of fresh flowers or a plant. If you’re not so confident about taking care of your plants, stick to succulents or buy a faux plant.


2. Paint your desk in your favourite colour

Cover up those scuff marks and stains by giving your desk a brand new coat of paint. Opt for a teal or white, or just your favourite colour. It’s a great Saturday afternoon DIY project, and will completely transform your desk space!


3. Throw a cool lamp and floor rug into the mix!

Working in the evenings will get a lot of fun when you have a pretty lamp to light up your work area. Also, a statement floor rug can really perk things up, while demarcating your work space.


4. Create a pin up board

All you would have to do is find a metal wire grid and paint it in any colour you like. Fix it to the wall and you are all set to put up daily reminders on your desk.


5. Add fragrant candles

Scented candles aren’t just for the bathroom or bedroom, they can be invigorating too! Add a couple of them to your desk for that perfect ambience on a stressful day.


6. Create a book stack

Amp up your decor by adding a stack of your favourite books (preferably ones with colourful covers) at the corner of the desk. It’s a great way to elevate certain objects that you can keep on top of the stack as well.


7. Add pictures and quotes on the walls

Decorate the wall above your desk with picture frames and quotes that will help you stay motivated to achieve your goals. But don’t forget to colour co-ordinate it all to bring the entire space together.

Kreena Desai

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