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6 Ways To Give Your Home A Colourful Makeover This Holi

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If there’s one festival that’s vibrant, fun and a whole lot of crazy, it’s got to be Holi! The burst of colour, everybody’s antics, and of course, the bhaang! It’s literally contagious! So, even if you’re not about to burst open a packet of gulal, or hose your neighbour down with water, you still should add a little colour to your life, no?

Well, what better way to get into the Holi spirit than to decorate your home with all things festive? Plus, summer’s here, so it seems like the perfect time to splash on some colour and brighten up your interiors.

If you are wondering how to get started, here are 6 great ideas that will help you give your pad a colourful makeover this season!

1. Use Fresh Flowers To Brighten Up The Space

A bunch of fresh flowers can brighten up any space in your home, and add that touch elegance to your home. Place them in a vase, a tea pot or even a tall glass, and instantly perk up the dinner table, a console in the hallway, or even your dresser. An added bonus: fresh flowers will leave your home smelling lovely all day long!

2. Multi-coloured Lights For The Night Time

Bring in that warm colourful glow by decorating the corners of your home with multi-coloured lights. A string of lights at the door, in your balcony, on the walls, or on a side table near a vase will bring home that magical Holi spirit.

3. Create A Focus Wall With A Colourful Accent Piece

One of the simplest ways to add that spark to your home decor is by decorating the walls with colourful paintings, textured wallpaper, or even just a layered strings of fairy lights.

4. Add A Burst of Colour With Throw Cushions

When it comes to Holi, it’s all about going crazy with colour! Even if you have a neutral themed sofa or bed linen, adding a bunch of colourful throw cushions can really up your home decor game. Opt for bright cushion covers with mirror work to add that much-needed festive charm to your muted home décor.

5. Home Accessories To Break The Monotony

A few colourful statement pieces around the house can really break the monotony in the interiors. Use bright home accessories like colourful glass vases, a sofa throw or carpet, candle holders or even photo frames.  Go all out, and let your creativity run wild!

 6. Take It Outdoors

Don’t restrict yourself just to the interiors; take the festivities outdoors as well. Hang colourful ornaments on your door post, or use them to decorate your balcony. You can also hang colourful lanterns by your window and spread the colour around your neighbourhood!


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