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This Is The Coolest Women’s Safety Anthem We’ve Heard Yet!

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When it comes to women’s safety, app developers have unleashed a plethora of apps. At the touch of a button, your close friends and family can be notified about your distress and current location. But how often does one release a fresh and bold anthem that sparks off the tigress in us all and makes us that tad bit more fearless?

Veteran Mumbai-based hip-hop crew Mumbai’s Finest has just released a new track called Woh Roke Hum Ruke Na that’s hummable AF, but what’s best about it is how fiercely empowering it actually is. Listen to it and we guarantee you’re going to be striding down the street fearlessly, with your head held up high and a don’t-mess-with-me vibe.

Shot by Qyuki Music, the song is all about being bold and fearless and gives out the message that no matter what happens in life, you must never give up or lose hope. You decide if and when you want to stop; not the world.

The video features Miss Intercontinental India 2015 Snehapriya Roy, as she makes her way along a lonely skywalk in the evening, before being eve-teased by two young men. The video is interspersed with images of the talented crew as they belt out the lyrics. Woh Roke Hum Ruke Na is a part of Mumbai’s Finest’s latest album Mumbai Till I Die, and we love the bold message it’s giving to women everywhere.

Watch the video above and tell us what you think in the comments below!


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