#CreamSodaHair Is The Latest Summer Hair Trend That Instagram Is Crushing On!

#CreamSodaHair Is The Latest Summer Hair Trend That Instagram Is Crushing On!

Growing up, summer time spelled fun, mischief, and us upto our crazy antics! And when it comes to my friends and I… that really hasn’t changed! We’re still up for a spur-of-the-moment vacay or trying out a crazy trend. And this time, it’s time to colour our mane. But, who wants the regular reds, right? Thankfully, Instagram came to the rescue with the latest trend: Cream Soda Hair.

Now, the name may confuse you, and lead you to think that it’s a hair spa with cream soda, but no, it is just the colour. And it is #bomb!

Warm beige and cream hues in sync, make your hair look like a mix between brunette and blonde. The colour of the drink that is yum! Cream Soda Hair also has golden tones in it, which look like you’ve used a highlighter to create them! It’s a bold colour to rock, but stay confident, and you’ll carry it well.

Scroll down to check out this trend, and let us know in the comments below whether you and your bestie would try out this shade!













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