#AskHauterfly: What Is E-Bailing?

#AskHauterfly: What Is E-Bailing?

The more I get inside the mind of a millennial, the more I realise how creative they are. For the most part, with things that really aren’t relevant. But since this day and age is all about them, learning their rules of living is literally the only way forward. And I say this as a part of the clan.



The newest term coined for one of these millennial activities is something you and I are guilty of doing, practically every other week. Think about all those times you ditched someone, cancelled a plan last moment, basically bailed out on meeting somebody… over text. Well, there’s now a term for it; e-bailing. You use digital means to do the nasty deed.

At such times, our creative juices not just flow, they legit overflow. Mom’s not well, my hamster died, I’m down with fever, or even my maid’s kid is home, and I need to keep her company… the excuses are endless.

Sometimes it’s justified when you lie, and ditch someone on text. Come on, you don’t want to hurt their feelings, right? But when it gets habitual, you may need a reality check, or you won’t have any friends left. Ouch!



We’ll definitely continue to keep this practice going, only next time, we’ll have a cool new word to describe your intentions. “I think, I’m gonna e-bail on him.” Sounds so much better, no?

Japleen Kaur

Hauterfly's Lifestyle writer and resident Potterhead. In love with boxes, diaries, food, and conversations. Always in a state of fernweh. (Don't know what that means? Search the site for more!)

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