12 Coffee Mugs That’ll Do The Talking For You Even Before You Take Your First Sip!

12 Coffee Mugs That’ll Do The Talking For You Even Before You Take Your First Sip!

When I say I love my caffeine, you should take me seriously. Believe it or not, I cannot start my mornings without a cuppa of freshly brewed cappuccino, and I sometimes blame my unproductive days on the lack of caffeine in my veins. So, when one of my colleagues accidentally broke my office mug, I was in pain, literally. So much pain that as I write this, I’m getting a little teary-eyed. I’ve had to sip coffee from a regular, white coffee mug, and it just doesn’t taste as good. Not even close.

Thus, my search for the perfect coffee mug began, and well, it took me places. Let me just tell you, the Internet is a wonderland.

Anyhoo, I finally found the right one! Actually, around twelve right ones. I couldn’t choose, so I decided to curate them all. Personally, I like the ones that have the perfect lines written that portray what your soul has been desperately trying to shout. Okay, I got a bit dramatic there. But you get it, right?

At least, more coffee lovers could benefit from them. Also, help me decide by telling me which is your favourite coffee mug in the comment section below!


Coffee Mug — Ew, People (Rs 390)


F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Moo Point (Rs 249)


Fundamental Rights Mug (Rs 299)


Crude Area Multicolor Paisa Ceramic Mugs (Set Of 2) (Rs 708)


Crude Area Multicolor Fox Ceramic Mug (Set Of 2) (Rs 708)


F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Phoebe’ Song Mugs (Rs 249)


Gradient Mug Pink Ready To Holiday (Rs 399)


Coffee Mug – Who The Hell Are You (Rs 390)


Coffee Mug – Messy Bun (Rs 3900


Coffee Mug – Anything Is Possible (Rs 349)


Coffee Mug – Exhale The Bullshit (Rs 390)


Coffee Mug – Cute But Psycho (Rs 450)

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