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BJP’s CK Raulji Justifies Bilkis Bano’s Rapists’ Release. Yes Sir, “Good Sanskaar” Is Why They Were Convicted Of Rape…

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On this Independence Day, we were all left stunned when the rapist from the Bilkis Bano case were released. The reason cited was that they were done completing 14 years in prison and they had good conduct during their time in prison. I didn’t know our prison system awarded good behaviour like an elementary school but okay. And amongst all this outrage, BJP MLA CK Raulji has attempted to justify the rape by saying that they are Brahmins which inherently means they have good sanskar. Oh the times we live in!

 BJP MLA CK Raulji has caused more outrage over the pre-existing one after the rapists of the Bilkis Bano rape case were released by attempting to justify their heinous crimes by saying that they are Brahmins from a good family and have good sanskar. Yes, good sanskar drove these men to rape a pregnant woman and kill her family and her first daughter. I can’t even fathom how men say things like these with straight faces. And you guys want to know what is scarier? The fact that these men in power actually believe what they say. They believe that cast is a good enough justification for committing such crimes.

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This reminds me of the horrifying Hathras rape case where men from a “higher caste” raped a 19-year-old Dalit woman. The conversation around upper and lower caste had come up back then too. And I have the same questions now as I did then. Why is a crime as gruesome as rape associated with caste? Don’t we all as mere human beings have the fundamental right to our bodies and what happens to them? Why are we making this a caste problem and not a humanitarian one?

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Whether or not the rapists are Brahmins does not and should not have any bearing on the consequences of their monstrous actions. The crime should have a fitting punishment regardless of that. And the fact that people in our country are audacious enough to nonchalantly try and justify gruesome crimes like this is terrifying as a woman. Because who’s to say that if something like this happens to me, the law will side by me or force me internalise it all because of things as unimportant as caste?

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