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Ranbir Kapoor Jokes About How Alia Bhatt Has “Phailoed” Looking At Her Baby Bump. Body Shaming A Pregnant Woman, How Classy!

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First things first, I’m honestly tired by the audacity most men have that think they can say anything to their partners and get away with it. I mean, only because she is your girlfriend or your wife, doesn’t mean there are no boundaries to be crossed. And this is not just the common man doing this, no no, there are celebs also who speak such cringe things to their wives in front of an audience that it is honestly not okay and uncalled for. Just take the instance of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. On August 18, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were streaming live on YouTube to release a new song from their upcoming movie Brahmāstra and it is during that time he made a comment about how she is spreading. Really? You want to comment on her body, especially when she is pregnant? Not cool.

During a live streaming session on YouTube, Ranbir Kapoor made a joking comment at the cost of Alia Bhatt and it was beyond cringe. First, he was rude enough to cut her off while she was talking, and then saying she was phalofying (spreading) just made it worse. And his comment shocked not just me but even Alia who was very visibly taken aback. 


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While being live on YouTube, Alia Bhatt was speaking about why they are not phalofied everywhere so as to promote Brahmāstra, Ranbir Kapoor who was drinking something out of a glass at the time cuts her off saying, “Well, I can see somebody has phaloed (spread)” while looking at her baby bump.

The reaction Alia Bhatt gave was enough for Ranbir Kapoor to cover it up by saying it was a joke and then saying “in a cute way”. And though the actress laughed a bit after that comment, you could easily see that it was strained and she wasn’t comfortable with that “joke”.

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Like she shouldn’t be! I’m sorry but commenting on her putting on some weight is not okay and is actually body shaming at this point. And secondly, she is pregnant for crying out loud. Like what do you want her to have a figure even when she’s carrying your child? I can’t even with how wrong that comment is. 

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