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Chhattisgarh Man Marries Both Girlfriends In The Same Mandap In A Bizarre Throuple Love Story!

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Since I grew up on an unhealthy dosage of sappy Bollywood romcoms, it should come as no surprise that I am someone who really believes in love. I get butterflies in my stomach before every date. Okay, I have very low standards. But the point is I am a hopeless romantic. Which is why, when I read about this man from Chhattisgarh who married both his girlfriends in the same wedding mandap because he loved both of them, I was more amused and excited than anything else. Yes, it is bizarre but how often to do you hear about a throuple in India?  

On 5th January, Chandu Maurya, from Chattisgarh, married two women in the same ceremony in front of 500 wedding guests. A video of the ceremony, photographs and the wedding invitation card has gone viral on social media. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for this wedding. Chandu told HT, “I decided to marry both of them because they both loved me. I can’t betray them. They agreed they both will live with me forever.” 

Chandu is a marginal farmer and labourer in Maoist-affected Bastar district in Chhattisgarh. He said that he fell in love with Sundari Kashyap when he had gone to Tokapal area to install electricity poles. They planned on getting married. However, a year later Chandu met Haseena Baghel while she was attending a wedding. They fell in love also. 

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According to the report in HT, Chandu told Haseena that he was already in a relationship with Sundari. But that didn’t seem to stop her from wanting a relationship with him. He said, “Both Haseena and Sundari came to know about each other and agreed to have a relationship with me. We were in touch over the phone but one-day Haseena landed at my home to live with me. When Sundari came to know that Haseena is here, she also came to me. And since then, we started living in the same house as a family.” 

A few months later, their family members and the villagers began asking questions about their live-in situation. It was then that he decided to marry both of them. He said, “Fed-up with the questions, I decided to marry both of them because they both loved me. I can’t betray them. They agreed they both will live with me forever.” 

Wow, I can barely handle one relationship. This whole thing is calling out my singlehood in so many languages. Even then, you’ve got to love a bizarre throuple love story!

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