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Chandigarh University Row: A Girl’s Involvement Does Not Mean You Start Targeting Feminism!

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We’ve all grown up with stories about men secretly doing creepy, perverted things to women. Unfortunately for many of us, we’ve also lived through some of these haunting experiences. But what is even more jarring is when a woman is the one causing similar pain and issues to other women. Such was the recent case of a girl at Chandigarh University who recorded the nudes of other female hostel members and leaked it online. This has resulted in people taking to Twitter and questioning feminism because one of the culprits was a woman. I personally don’t get why feminism has been brought into the picture but let’s talk about it. 

The MMS of 60 girls who resided in a Chandigarh University dorm was leaked online. According to the police, a girl from the same dorm allegedly recorded the films and transmitted them to her male acquaintances. Twitter has been in a disarray over the case and people have gone from criticising the culprits to criticising feminism itself. Check out some of the opinions Tweeple have on the matter.

Why does a female warden think that an appropriate punishment for the culprit is to strip her too? Like why is this case being treated so insensitively? Just because a woman is a culprit? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the crime and the victims more?

I don’t understand the correlation between this horrific incident and feminism. And why is it that every time a woman is involved in a crime, the idea of feminism is attacked? Because as a woman and a feminist, I don’t remember when we said that women are perfect and cannot be involved in crimes.

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What is with some people (especially, men) celebrating this? They are acting as if this entire incident is hilarious or joyous to any degree just because a woman was caught. Because THAT is what we should be focusing on, not the 60 girls who have been traumatised and violated.

Has this person seen the news where male rapists’ faces are entirely covered?

Don’t you think that the fact that this is happening reinforces the idea that feminism is still such an important need within our society? Literally there are women on Twitter attacking feminism along with men. Like, why are women’s bodies being targeted and weaponised against them this way? Regardless of whether a man did it or a woman, unsolicited videos were taken and leaked online and that within itself is proof that our country does not understand what feminism actually means. Because women attacking women is nothing new and does not disregard feminism.

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In recent developments, after receiving assurances from the district government and police that the charges that inappropriate films of several female students had been recorded would be thoroughly and openly investigated, Chandigarh University students in Punjab’s Mohali put an end to their protest on Monday. The university on Monday proclaimed “non-teaching days” till September 24 and suspended two wardens for their carelessness. Additionally, it established a joint committee with students and senior staff to address various concerns about hostel schedules and other requests of the students. On Monday, Punjab DGP Gaurav Yadav said that a three-person, all-female SIT would look into the Chandigarh University video leak issue at CM Bhagwant Mann’s request.

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