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CBI Chargesheet Mentions That One Of The Hathras Gangrape Accused Was Frustrated After The Victim Rebuffed His Advances

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Here at Hauterfly we often hear and talk about ghastly crimes on the daily. We want to say they’re desensitised but we aren’t and thank god for that. The Hathras gang rape case, for instance. For all those who weren’t paying attention to anything except COVID, on 14th September, a 19-year-old Dalit girl was gang raped by four upper-class men and brutally murdered in a field. But this isn’t about caste politics. It wasn’t just about that actually. After valiantly fighting for her life, she succumbed to her injuries on 29th September. Every detail about this case gives me the chills, and today we have some new information to share. This 19-year-old was gang raped and left for dead because she rebuffed one of the men accused. Yep, all this over a bruised ego. Is your blood boiling yet? 

Allow me to elaborate. According to the CBI’s charge sheet that has been filed in this case, the victim rebuffed one of the accused, Sandeep. This “change in their relationship” “aggravated his feelings” and “frustrated him”. The four accused, Sandeep, his uncle Ravi and their friends, Ramu and Luv Kush have been in judicial custody since September. This is utterly sickening. 

According to the charge sheet, the Hathras victim and Sandeep lived nearby and he “developed acquaintance with the victim two/three years back which gradually turned into love affair”. Indian Express also states that the charge sheet mentioned the two would meet in isolated areas and that Sandeep had three phones and various calls were made from those to a number belonging to the victims family. Naturally, once the family found out they were completely against it. 

The charge sheet states, “Investigation further revealed that when a family member of the victim came to know about the mobile calls exchanged between victim and Sandeep, they had a wordy quarrel with Sandeep’s family in front of his house. This incident was witnessed by several villagers… Subsequently, the victim’s father also made an oral complaint to (the pradhan’s son) about the phone calls made by the accused to the victim, as confirmed by witnesses…” 

Sandeep would then call the victim using various numbers. During the investigation, a person close to Sandeep said that the girl was then avoiding his calls. This change in her behaviour frustrated him. The charge sheet states that Sandeep suspected she was having “an affair” with someone. “This change in their relationship aggravated the feelings of accused Sandeep,” states the charge sheet. 

Basically, this 19-year-old girl lost her life in Hathras because she rebuffed this man which left him butt hurt. Will Indian men ever learn to accept rejection? How many more women will have to suffer as the Hathras victim did for reasons so petty? It’s just so worrisome and terrifying. 

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Talking about the allegations against these four men, the CBI charge sheet states that, “During her examination on September 22, the victim categorically stated that she was gang raped by the four accused persons; she also named them in her dying declaration… It establishes that on September 14, the victim was gang raped at the bajra field when she was alone. Investigation also revealed that all four accused were present in the village or nearby place, which corroborates the allegation of the victim.”

This brings me to a very important question. What the hell was the UP police doing? The way they have handled this extremely sensitive situation is appalling. Not only did they cremate the Hathras gang rape victim in the dead of the night without allowing her family to say their last goodbyes but they also named only one man in their charge sheet despite the victim naming all four on her deathbed. The police also refused to believe the girl was raped which is why her medical examination was not conducted on time. Whatever the reason is, the UP police did a shoddy and shameful job with the Hathras case. 

After learning this new information about the Hathras gang rape, one thing is absolutely clear. Even the most horrific of crimes against women in our country boils down to the fact that men can’t handle rejection. They desperately need a refresher course on how to cure their bruised egos in a way that does not involve something as gruesome as rape.

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