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Calicut University Is Making Students File Anti-Dowry Declaration Before Admission. Okay, That’s Something!

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Cases of dowry have risen in the past few months, especially in the state of Kerala. The dowry situation there has become worse than before. New cases of dowry harassment and other dowry-related cases in Kerala have filled the public with horrors. This led to a public outrage that further emphasized the need for new rules to curb and control dowry-related cases. Following which there were many interventions from various groups including the protest by Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan that has led to a new rule. All students who are seeking admission under Calicut University have to sign an anti-dowry declaration. Interesting!

Recently, a new compulsory rule was introduced that states that all students who are seeking admission in colleges that are under Calicut University will have to sign an anti-dowry declaration. The declaration states that the student will not give, ask for, or accept dowry during their marriage.


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The new rule order has already been sent to all the principals of colleges affiliated with Calicut University. In fact, Arif Mohammad Khan, Governor of Kerala, had previously asked all the VCs of universities to implement the proposal that required students to sign a bond against asking and accepting dowry before they were given their degrees.

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According to Times Now, the declaration of Calicut University states, “In the context of frequent reporting of dowry deaths related to domestic violence, the Hon’ble Chancellor has proposed to obtain a declaration from all the stakeholders of the Universities of not demanding or accepting dowry, directly or indirectly abetting the giving or taking of dowry. Therefore, the Vice-Chancellor has ordered to obtain a declaration in the enclosed proforma from the students and parents, at the time of admission… It is strictly directed to obtain a declaration of not demanding or accepting dowry, directly or indirectly abetting the giving or taking of dowry in the proforma attached, from each student and parent at the time of admission. It is also instructed to obtain the declaration from the students who have already been admitted during the 2021-22 academic year.”

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The Calicut University declaration clearly warns the students against the withdrawal of degrees if a student is caught seeking dowry. In fact, the student declaration states, “I aver in the full understanding that any breach of the rules or law relating to taking or abetting the taking of dowry shall render me liable for appropriate action including cancellation of my admission to the university / not being granted degree/withdrawal of degree.”

For the longest time, Kerala has been trying its best to deal with cases related to dowry. And this new compulsory rule that has been applied to all colleges affiliated with Calicut University feels like a ray of hope. It does instil a certain degree of fear of losing one’s admission or degree in the minds of the students which might act as a deterrent to a certain extent. But it will be interesting to see if this measure does indeed work effectively.

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