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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 7 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

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It’s October, you peeps. No, I didn’t write that sentence randomly, I wrote it because I wanted to make you aware that this is an extremely important month, especially for us women. Why do you ask? Well, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know, just reading the words Breast Cancer can scare many women, and rightly so. After all, breast cancer has ranked as the number one cancer amongst Indian women, making it the most common type of cancer among women. But I’m not here to scare you. In fact, I’m here with 7 ways that can prevent women from having breast cancer. After all, prevention is always better, right?

According to the Siteman Cancer Center, there are seven simple steps that women all over the world can follow to reduce the risk of breast cancer. And yes, not all of the steps work for every woman but when these steps are followed, together it can surely be impactful.



So, without further ado, I bring to you seven simple steps that you can follow to lower the risk of breast cancer.

1. Keep a check on your weight

To start off, ensure that you maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight can increase chances of breast cancer, especially after menopause.

2. Be physically active

Data suggests that women who are physically active for even as low as 30 minutes a day are at a lower risk of breast cancer. And regular exercise will also help in maintaining a healthy weight. That’s a win-win, isn’t it?

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3. Avoid too much alcohol

The goal is to eat and drink healthily. So ensure that there are a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. And though moderate drinking is good for the heart in older adults, keeping a check on how much alcohol you consume is always a good idea, even for your overall health. You never know when the stress might insidiously turn that social drinking into an addiction.

4. Stay away from smoking

Almost everyone knows that smoking causes at least 15 types of different cancers. So make sure that you stay away from smoking as much as possible for a better quality of life. If you are a smoker, well, as is with any other vice, moderation might salvage the situation.

5. If possible, opt for breastfeeding

Opting for breastfeeding for a total of one year or more (combined for all children) can significantly reduce the risk. Moreover, it has great health benefits for the child. Win-win, again!

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6. Avoid birth control pills, especially after 35

Try avoiding birth control pills particularly after 35 years of age and especially if you are a smoker. Women taking birth control pills are shown to be at a higher risk, so it’s best to avoid it.

 7. Limit post-menopausal hormones

Taking post-menopausal hormones for a long period of time increases your risk of breast cancer. So take the advice of your doctor and opt for the shortest time period for taking post-menopausal hormones.

Following these steps could ensure that you’re at a lower risk of breast cancer. But along with following these seven ways, you also need to do regular breast self-examinations, consult your doctor regularly, and go in for periodical checkups, especially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. One can never be too cautious, can they?

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