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Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli’s Bhutan Getaway Proves True Happiness Is In The Little Things

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I love what I do for a living and it makes me happy. In fact, if I am unwell and take a sick leave, I kinda miss writing. So it’s not like my job has ever frustrated me. And I hope that’s how it is for most of us. Still, signing in and out of work every day, can get monotonous and that’s what tires me. Were we meant to plant roots and live a life that seems like the repeat telecast of a TV show? When something is really stressing me out, all I feel like doing is going camping with my BFF! Imagine trekking your way to the campsite, watching the sun go down and indulging in a barbecue session. A scrumptious dinner, some music, a few new faces and a lot of tranquil. I can say that this is what we seek from our travels. We seek wellness and peace of mind. Which is why, wellness getaways are an emerging market for wanderers. So I understand why Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma chose to go trekking in Bhutan for his 31st birthday. Some things money can’t buy!

Recently, Anushka Sharma had shared a post on Instagram calling out media for constantly making false accusations about them and it did seem like she was rather worked up. Cut to the pictures she shared from her vacation, and they both seem in a state of peace. Through her post, she let us in on the simple joys they experienced en route their trek. Anushka revealed that they stopped at a small village and fed a four-month-old calf. What happened next really made their day. She wrote: “Today, during our 8.5 km uphill trek we stopped by a small village on a mountain to pet and feed a baby calf who was born just 4 months ago. While we did that the owner of the house asked us if we were tired and wanted to have a cup of tea (sic)? So we went in to the home of this beautiful and warm family who had absolutely no idea who we were and yet they treated us with such warmth and love. We spent some time with them chatting and drinking tea and the whole time they just know us as two tired trekkers!”

They didn’t know that the people who were drinking tea at their humble abode were famous personalities with a joint net worth of more than 1000 crore. What is that even? Unlike five-star properties, these genuine people don’t evaluate your worth based on your status.

Anushka further added, “Whoever knows Virat and me very closely, know that both of us live for such moments of genuine, simple & pure human connection. It fills us with such joy and peace knowing that they just wanted to be kind to two random foreigners (plus our guide) without seeking anything in return. If this is not the true meaning of life then I don’t know what is. A memory we will cherish forever.”

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While a lot of celebrities head to foreign locales to enjoy some quiet time away from paparazzi, Anushka and Virat chose to return to nature. Most of us mortals can’t relate but when all you do is fly first class and stay in luxury brick-and-mortar properties, you tend to cherish the little priceless things even more. Just the pictures make me feel so warm that all I want to do right now is head to the mountains and spend some time in a home stay. The best thing? They always make you feel welcomed and without an agenda!

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