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After A Woman Raised Her Voice About Being Raped In The Australian Parliament, The PM Scott Morrison Apologized

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In the past year, the situation for women in India has gone from bad to worse. There are rapes coming to light from every part of the country and according to official statistics, domestic violence has increased three-fold. Despite all this happening right under their noses, our government is of zero help. All their initiatives look good only on paper and for some reason, their first incident is always to shame the victim. Basically, zero responsibility is taken on their behalf and it’s a huge reason why women’s safety in our country is well, negligible. We have been saying all this over and over again trying to spread the word. But today when I read about Australia’s Prime Minister taking responsibility and apologising to the woman who was raped in the Australian parliament, I realised just how far behind we are.

On Tuesday, Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, apologised to a woman who was raped by an unnamed colleague in the Australian parliament in 2019. He promised to launch a probe into the government, took full responsibility and said that he wanted the parliament to be as safe as possible for women. It’s the bare minimum, yes. But to us, it sounds like a huge step forward because well, our politicians are too misogynistic to ever do something like this.

Let me give you some context. The woman said she was raped in the office of Defence Minister Linda Reynolds in March 2019 by someone who served in Morrison’s ruling Liberal party. She said that she spoke to the police in April 2019 but decided against filing an official complaint since it would hamper her career. The police confirmed that she spoke to them in April 2019. The woman also confided in senior officials in Reynold’s office. However, she claims that after she did that she was taken into the office on the pretext of attending a meeting where she was assaulted. On Monday, Linda Reynold’s confirmed that she had received the complaint of the woman’s rape but completely denied pressurizing the woman to not file a police complaint.

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And then, on Tuesday, Australian PM Scott Morrison addressed the rape and apologised for it. He promised the woman that a probe will be launched into his government to find the culprit. Morrison told reporters, “That should not have happened, and I do apologise. “I want to make sure any young woman working in this place is as safe as possible.”

According to reports, the Australian PM said he has appointed Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet official Stephanie Foster to look into the matter. She will review the process in which workplace complaints are dealt with while a backbench lawmaker will investigate the workplace culture. I absolutely love how he’s proactively taken the necessary actions.

This rape allegation though comes after several women have already complained about a series of improper behaviour towards women within the Liberal party. Earlier, in 2019, felt bullied to support a movement and a former female Liberal staff member last year filed an official complaint of improper behaviour conducted by then immigration minister Alan Tudge. All these complaints have intensified the pressure on PM Morrisson to thoroughly investigate the government.

However, at least something is being done and responsibility is being taken to make the parliament safer for female workers. If this exact scenario was in India’s parliament, it would’ve been swept under the rug with lightning speed. The woman would be incessantly shamed and dragged through the mud. We can only hope that soon we have a government who wants to protect their women more than (or even as much as) they want to protect themselves. There’s a lot that we can learn from how the Australian PM handled the situation, let’s hope that we do.

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