Actress Razia Wilson Slams A Dermatologist That Forced Her Into A Faulty Facial Treatment On Instagram

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us it’s that we have to trust our doctors. After all, they are the ones leading the fight against the deadly coronavirus. However, there is no denying that amongst those brilliant and skilled doctors are a few quack ones that disguise themselves quite well. It’s not until you are conned can you differentiate the good ones from the bad. Although most of the times, by the time you realise what has happened, the damage is already done. Take this Tamil Actress, Razia Wilson, for instance who called out a dermatologist on Instagram for subjecting her to a faulty facial treatment that she didn’t even need. People like this dermatologist sully the good name of doctors.

Former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Raiza Wilson recently took to Instagram to slam a dermatologist who put her through a facial treatment that she didn’t need. The actor suffered severe swelling under her eye. She said that the doctor forced her to undergo this faulty treatment and is now evading her phone calls. The dermatologist’s staff has informed her that she is currently out of town. How convenient is that?

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On her Instagram, Razia wrote, “Visited @drbhairavisenthil yesterday for a simple facial treatment, she forced me to do a procedure which I did not need and this is the result. She refused to meet me or talk to me today. Staff said she’s out of town.”

Soon after Razia Wilson’s Instagram story went viral, she shared a screenshot of her DMs that was filled with people sharing their own horrid experiences with the same doctor. In the post, she wrote, “My inbox is flooded with people who have faced similar issues with this doctor, tragic.” According to reports, Razia has now deleted that Instagram story which included the name and location of the clinic.

Honestly, this is terrifying because it could happen to any one of us. We so blindly depend on our doctors to steer us the right way. Often we hear of celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgeries but being forced into something you know you don’t need is just terrible. We hope Razia Wilson gets well soon and the quack dermatologist is held accountable for her actions.

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