A Visually Impaired Girl’s Cover Of A.R. Rahman’s Song Has Impressed Everyone Including The Maestro Himself. She’s Unbelievably Good.

A Visually Impaired Girl’s Cover Of A.R. Rahman’s Song Has Impressed Everyone Including The Maestro Himself. She’s Unbelievably Good.

Every now and then, we come across people who are not just talented but have also honed their skills while overcoming their obstacles. There are so many such people that we probably don’t know of. And they don’t have to be the best in their field but the fact that they give it their 100% and pull it off pretty well is enough. Be it the sibling duo who have been choreographing songs in their village or the girl who backflipped in a saree – they deserve appreciation and encouragement because can you and I do this? Nope, can’t even think about it. They are growing and working hard, despite their challenges.

This time, netizens are joyful with the aural pleasure Sahana Niren’s music has given us. She is a visually impaired young girl who has crazy keyboard skills! Recently, her mother shared a video cover on her account in which she played Thumbi Thullal from the South Indian film Cobra on her double keyboard.

Her fingers moved swiftly across the keys and she effortlessly managed to play on both the keyboards simultaneously. It was like she could see but with her fingers. The music? It was just perfectly melodious. Even A.R. Rahman tweeted to extend his appreciation for this little girl.

If you must know, it’s not even like she practiced it extensively. The cover was uploaded just a day after the song released! In fact, impressed by her work, she got a Scarlett Solo Studio bundle with a monitor and full setup from Lalit Kumar, producer of Thumbi Thullal! Even Shreya Ghoshal appreciated her flair.

So who is this talented girl? If you dig deeper into her twitter account, you will find several covers made by her. In fact, Sahana has performed on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on Zee Tamil and went down in Asia Book of Records for “identifying the most numbers of musical chords by a visually challenged child.” This little girl plays tabla and violin equally well and before you think she’s all chords, wait to hear her sing! If you don’t understand south Indian languages, listen to her cover of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

Check out some of her videos.

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It’s inspiring to see a young girl so dedicated to achieving her goals and honestly, makes me feel a little bad for procrastinating on mine! Having said that, I feel glad that we are able to use social media for more productive purposes and sharing content that really matters.

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