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A Pregnant Doctor In Jalandhar Continues To Discharge Her Duties As The Nodal Officer At A Hospital Treating Covid

May 12, 2021 | by Sadhika Sehgal

Human support is as basic as food, water or a jab of the Covid vaccine in these testing times. With our loved ones facing the harsh brunt of the pandemic that is upon us, the most that one can wish for at this stage is unconditional support, some optimism and a tad bit of humanity. All the things that even though are getting harder to find than the next available slot for the vaccine, were found in plenty with this pregnant woman doctor in Jalandhar who refused to stop working even with a baby on the way.

Doctors have literally been living up to the name and title of life savers during this pandemic, as they work relentlessly on the front lines, fighting corona everyday to keep people like us safe and out of danger. And one such doctor, worthy of applause and a lot more is Dr. Richa Chatrath, the doctor who has recently made headlines.

In the news for her commitment to the work she does as a doctor and how even in light of danger, she does not deter from her duty, Dr. Richa Chatarth has all of us swooned after she continued to discharge her duties as the nodal officer at a hospital treating COVID-19 patients in Jalandhar.

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While speaking about powering through this phase in her life, personally and professionally, Richa shared, “”I am taking all precautions & following a good diet. I want to enjoy my pregnancy. I am not sick.”

Perhaps it is this kind of vigor and selflessness to help others that still gives us hope to come out of this pandemic, well and alive. We applaud doctors like Richa Chatrath for their unending commitment towards saving lives and for being heroes without capes!

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Sadhika Sehgal

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