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This Doctor Took To Twitter To Express Her Frustration With People Who Aren’t Following COVID 19 Protocols.

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You know if someone had told me in April 2020 that a year later we would be in the same, if not worse, situation with the COVID 19 pandemic, I would’ve lost my mind. Last year, this time, we only had around 10-20k cases in the entire country and we were terrified. Everyone was wearing masks, following the lockdown, sanitizing even the vegetables that came into the house. Cut to today. We have 13,873,825 cases all over India and it seems like people just don’t care anymore. It’s ironic, really.

People are walking around maskless, social distancing seems to have become a thing of the past and sanitisers have been forgotten. Are we all mentally exhausted because of the pandemic and the restrictions? Yes, of course. But flouting COVID 19 protocols and not taking precautions is only making things worse. Not only for you and your family but for all the health care workers that have been working round the clock, literally, to fight this pandemic. Making noise with our utensils and lighting diyas is not going to change the pressure our carelessness is putting on them. They are bearing the brunt. From working in those extremely uncomfortable PPE kits in this scorching heat to explaining to family members why they couldn’t save someone, their job, at this moment, is nightmarish. And the people walking around throwing caution to the wind are only making things worse.

These points were raised on Twitter by Dr Dipshika Ghosh in a strongly worded post reminding people that their negligence has severe consequences. She wrote, “Please, please wear masks. I don’t know about other people but I’m physically and mentally exhausted with crazy shifts and calling more deaths than I did in all my years of service combined. If you still don’t care, please go inside COVID units as my proxy. Thanks.”

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We’re glad she spoke up but we aren’t the only ones. Her tweet has gone viral and its received an overwhelming response. People not only asked Dr Dipshika questions about the COVID 19 pandemic second wave but they also extended their love and support.

One netizen asked her, “So, it starts again?” To which Dr Dipshika replied, “It started weeks ago. Nobody bothered. They won’t be bothered till one person in every family is affected. Practising preventative medicine is impossible here. People just don’t get it. Idk if it’s complete disregard for public health or low IQ.” Gotta love her sass!

Another netizen posted saying, “So sorry to hear this Dipshikha”. She replied to them saying, “It’s just heartbreaking… Breaking news of death to family members over the phone and hearing them scream and howl in shock and grief is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to sit through. I don’t think any HCW will ever be the same again.”

Here are some of the other responses she got and replied to, take a look!

Dr Dipshika’s tweet has started a dialogue. Everyone right now is suffering. Either they are battling COVID 19 or are in a problematic situation created due to the pandemic. The bottom line is that we are all in the same boat. If we don’t take adequate precautions right now, that boat will capsize in no time. The next time you think that wearing a mask is inconvenient for you, think about the doctor who has been slogging away in a PPE suit pulling a 24 hour shift. It’s not fair to them. Not to mention, they are the only reason we’ve gotten so far. Let’s show them some respect not by banging plates together but by actually taking proper precautions against this deadly virus.

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