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9 Last Minute But Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift That You Can Buy For Every Kind Of Dads

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and as usual, most of us have always failed to get our gifts on time. We are always going online at the eleventh hour and scrambling to find some gift that fits our budget, has a lesser delivery time, and seems thoughtful. And let me tell you from experience that it’s a menace of a task to pull off. Which is why we always end up buying something as cliche as a wallet or a shirt. But they already have tons of those. Now you might be thinking, one can never have too many shirts, right? Wring. The thing is, they only wear that same old shirt every now and then. The only way I am sure that the shirt gets washed is because my mother forcefully puts it in the laundry. Maybe burning that shirt is the best Father’s Day gift you can give him. What do you think?

To save you all the trouble, this time we decided to help you pick the best gift for your father from this curated list. We will be including gifts for every kind of dad’s out there. We might even slide a ‘dad jokes for dummies’ if we find one.

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This one is for the father that loves to smell exotic and expensive. Not to mention, it might fit well within your budget and make your dad extremely happy!

Do you always find your father in front of the mirror grooming his hair and beard? He will totally love this gadget that will help him play around with hair and beard styles. Also, if you want your dad to shave off that “lockdown beard” but don’t know how to tell him, this is the perfect gift.


Does your father gulp down coffee super quicky every morning to avoid being late to work? What better gift to get him than this smart coffee maker and travel mug that will allow him to enjoy his coffee on the go!   Untitled design (7)

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard + Face + Hair 3-In-1 Wash With Long Beard & Skin (Rs 949)

Here’s a Beard Regime Kit for the father who is obsessed with maintaining and grooming his beard. Trust me, nothing will make him happier than this.

This is for the stylish workaholic dad. Doesn’t this classy elegant briefcase scream sophistication? Get this for your dad to add ounces of oomph to his OOTD’s. And although I am sure he wouldn’t know what that even means, he will love this bag.

A perfect gift for the dad with a passion for photography. A dad who loves to capture every moment, and let’s face it that’s all our dad’s isn’t it? Maybe you can get him to click some of your pictures as well. So if you think about it, with this gift, it’s a win-win situation.

The famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer once wrote, “Time and tide wait for no man. A phrase that we all were taught growing up by our fathers. So, here’s the perfect gift for the man that holds punctuality above everything else. Besides, look how sleek!

Untitled design (4)

Available in stores

What’s better than sharing a pint of beer with your father? Nothing. So, here’s to chilling with your father over some chilled pints of beer from Medusa.


Your father’s skin needs may deserve some TLC. So why not get him a face mask and have a sweet spa day with him? Just be sure to not make your mother too jealous.

This one is for lazy fathers who hate tying their shoes. How smart are they?

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