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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Beginning To Enjoy The Social Distancing And Quarantine

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Just two weeks ago, I was complaining about having to go to work every day. My social life too was busy and entertaining and although I was enjoying it, you could see the effects of it under my eyes. Between drinking during the week and dancing on weekends, I wasn’t able to find time for myself. Honestly, if I would have known that we’d be under self-imposed house arrest for so long, I would have done so many things. But I guess those still wouldn’t have been enough.  

All of us, around the world are new to this and it caught us off guard. We’ve never been home for so many days and honestly, it’s driving us a little bit nuts. But while some of us are literally getting frustrated, some of us are being able to manage it pretty well. And I don’t want to boast but I guess I have been handling this well. Believe it or not, your zodiac sign can actually reveal how you’re dealing with the lockdown. Here are 5 signs that are beginning to enjoy this or are at least not sulking as much as others.  


Even though your sense of humour makes you a socially likeable person, you absolutely love solitude. Chances are that you were practising social distancing much before it even became a thing. This is tough but since you like your own company, you probably have puzzles, adult colouring books, games and movies already!  


For you, it’s not so much about going out as it is about being with the people you love. As long as you get along well with the people you’re living with – your family, roommates or spouse – it’s alright with you. Whether you’re taking online dance classes, trying new recipes or sketching, you’re a creative person and will find something to keep yourself occupied.   


Initially, it was tough for you because you really enjoy being in your social circle but over time you began to adapt. The fact that you actually are a homebody is helpful – because if you were given a chance, you’d move all your parties to your house. Except unless you’re living alone, that’s probably not happening. But the most important thing that helps you overcome anything is your ability to prioritise happiness. Instead of sulking, you will sing, dance, play games and do whatever it takes to see the bright side.  


Even though you have a large network, only a select few are actually close to you. And as long as you’re living with them or video calling them, you’re okay. You love working on yourself to become the best version of you. Being productive makes you happy. So you’re using this time to do things you always wanted to but couldn’t find the time for. You’re doing well!  

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You’re dreamy and romantic. If you had the time to just be in your own zone, you’d be really happy. In a normal situation, you didn’t have that privilege but now you do! So you’re making hay while the sun shines.  

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