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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Bhankas From Baaghi 3. Mainly Ki Why Do They Have No Originality?

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Guys, we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the second song of of Baaghi 3 is out and it is called Bhankas. At this point, we like how the makers are not even trying to pretend they have made anything great. They themselves resigned to the fact that this song wasn’t going to be anything, well, average and called it Bhankas.

First these guys butchered Dus Bahaane where they put Shraddha in barely any clothes. Then, they have now gone on and murdered another song. They get full marks for consistency, they have remixed another song. Like Karan Johar asked in Aankh Maare,Ek aur remix?’ We have the same reaction.

And because we must, we had lots of thoughts about this song. Yes, a lot. But we will limit it to five. Because we are nice. Also, watch it so you know what we are talking about and can relate.

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  1. First things first. Why is Tiger Shroff dressed in what are obviously athlesiure pants? It’s your brother’s wedding and you’re dressed like you’re going to your friend’s for a pooja. Why? The people over at Manyavar are so offended that even that constant nagging with tyaar hoke aaye didn’t get you to make an effort. Hmpf.
  2. However, we must add and this is important. We are very glad that Tiger Shroff has a shirt on for this song because through the entire trailer and the first song, Dus Bahaane, his aversion to covering his torso is obvious. And while he may not have dressed up, we are glad he turned up in a shirt. Baby steps, okay?
  3. Can we please talk about originality? Because it seems like the musicians didn’t even try. The first song was a remix, the second song is also a remix. And honestly, there have been two Baaghi’s before this, so it seems like even the movie is a remix. They should have put in some effort, you guys are not Imtiaz Ali man.
  4. The only one making a genuine effort here is Shraddha Kapoor. The woman really tried man, but she’s got Tiger Shroff doing his thing next to her and despite her very animated and rigorous efforts, she comes up short in the dancing department. She tries to make it up with her expressions but there’s that much you can do with that.
  5. Also, can we please talk about why we are in 2020 and still a kiss on the cheek from a guy you’ve been dancing with for the past 20 minutes has the woman all excited? Keep your standards high, woman. Or at least a little above the ground, yaar.

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