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5 Reasons Working From Home Is Actually A Good Thing

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This lockdown has not been easy on any of us. It’s gotten monotonous, dull and utterly boring and that is why I thank my stars every day that I am working from home. If I wasn’t working during this lockdown period, I would really go nuts.

Obviously, I miss actually going to work and meeting other humans (never thought this day would come) and I miss how easily accessible everything was but there is no use in crying and complaining about things we can’t change. So, I have a new strategy. I am just going to be optimistic all the time and make the most of this lockdown.

To kick off my new strategy, I thought of all the reasons why I loved working from home. Check it out

No Commute

There are a lot of things about my job that I absolutely love and just one thing I hate- the commute. My office is 45 minutes from my house, there are no trains that go that way (I am not sure if that is something I am happy or sad about), finding a rickshaw in Mumbai is a pain in the ass, the roads are full of gigantic craters and don’t even get me started on traffic. By the time I reach office I am already exhausted not to mention, I am always late. But over time I have realised that every single working person hates commuting which is why work from home is possibly the best thing ever.

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You Can Watch Netflix During Work

Have you ever experienced that unsettling feeling when you are in office, but you are watching or doing something that is not work-related? You are frantically hoping no one (especially your boss) sees your computer screen but at the same time, you want to continue doing what you are doing. Well, when you are working from home you don’t need to worry about that, do you? You could watch five episodes a day and maybe a movie in bits and parts and no one would even know. Everyone does that, right? Please tell me it isn’t just me.

Fresh Homemade Meals Every Day

The one (and probably only) thing I love about this lockdown is that I get to eat fresh, piping hot homemade meals every day and it really helps that my mother is a fabulous cook. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time my entire family had lunch together on a weekday. I mean, mornings are always so rushed that I have literally five minutes to pack a dabba and I know I might dump that dabba later for a burger. But I am really starting to enjoy homemade meals every day and I am scared that when we go back to office, I am going to have a tough time adjusting back to the usual crappy dabba system.

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You Can Work In Your PJ’s

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy picking out my work outfits. But there is something so satisfying about working in your PJs and not having to worry about smudged eyeliner (you get my point). Don’t you love the feeling of showering in the morning and then putting on a different pair of PJs and a baggy old T-shirt? It’s more than cozy! Plus, when you are that comfortable you work better too. So yeah, work from home for the win.

You Don’t Have To Sit In An Uncomfy Chair All Day

Office chairs are the worst things ever. They hurt your back and strain your neck and most of them have at least one rollie wheel missing. On the other hand, while working from home you get to sit on your bed and work. And if you are anything like me then sitting slowly translates into lying down. And what is better than working lying down, all wrapped up in your blanket? Nothing. Well, taking a nap is but I think would be stretching it a little bit.

It’s Only Been 2 Days Of Working From Home And My Parents And I Are Off To A Very Bad Start. Go Corona, Corona Go, Please.


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