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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Your BFF!

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Childhood chaddi buddy, college bestie, work buddy… you’ve got them all covered this Friendship Day. But aren’t you forgetting someone?

Think, think.

That special someone who’s never left your side, not even when you went on a loo break. Yeah, it’s your mobile phone, of course!

This Friendship Day, thank your mobile phone for sticking with you through the good times, the bad times and everything in between.

And just in case you’re questioning this rock-solid friendship, watch our video for the 5 reasons your phone is truly the ultimate BFF.

Here goes…

1. It saves you from boring conversations. Doesn’t it ring at just the perfect time, EVERY time?!

2. It gives you all the gossip. Even about that long lost nemesis from the back of beyond.

3.  You are never bored in its company. Never! Dance music, movies, TV shows… name it, you’ve got it.

4. It connects you to people. And suddenly, living away from mommy doesn’t seem so bad.

5. No matter what, it will always be there for you. No doubt about that!


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