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5 Reasons I Haven’t Watched Money Heist Yet. One Is That It Seems So Utterly Slow.

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There are a few shows that just don’t sit well with you despite the whole world raving about them. Game of Thrones is one such show for me. Despite several of my friends’ several attempts at making me watch it, I just never did. Another show like that is Money Heist. Though there isn’t anything wrong with the plot, it just doesn’t seem like the show for me and come on let’s face it, that happens to everyone.

For months now, my friends have been pushing me to watch that show but I kept procrastinating and now, I don’t think I will ever watch it. And here’s why:

I Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure

I have never given in to peer pressure and I am not about to start now. Money Heist belongs in the same category as Game of Thrones in the sense that it is seriously overhyped. Initially, the show was on my to-watch list. Who knows I would have eventually got around to actually watching it? But then everyone started talking about it and all that raving just made me lose whatever little interest I had. My friends are still trying their luck at making me watch all four seasons over this lockdown. If this isn’t peer pressure, I don’t know what is.

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It’s Sounds Like It Would Be A Very Slow Show

Okay, so I haven’t watched really watched Money Heist, so I don’t know if it is actually slow or just seems like. I am saying it seems like a slow show and if you are a fan, I know you are getting ready to kill me, but please don’t. The reason I am saying this is that I am aware that the entire first two seasons are just about one heist. Now, how slow does a show have to be if they are pulling off one heist for two whole seasons? This is like watching paint dry…in slo-mo!

It Requires Too Much Dedication

If I am being honest, this lockdown has aggravated the laziness in me. All day I am either lying on my bed or on my couch and getting up is a mammoth task. Now, in the midst of all that if you ask me to binge watch a show that needs me to give my full attention, how is that possible? Besides, every episode is like an hour, I don’t have so much dedication left in me to sit through all that.

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It Sounds Like It Would Be A Very Heavy Show

Sometimes, I like watching an extremely heavy show like Handmaid’s Tale or Scandal. But you can’t binge-watch these shows without having to pace yourself. The same goes with Money Heist; it’s a show about a gang of thieves pulling off one or more really elaborate and risky heists, right? Doesn’t that sound super heavy and serious? I just want to watch something chill and fun like Schitt’s Creek. I am looking at shows that can relax me and not add to my quarantine anxiety.

I Am Going To Stick To My Plan Of Watching Only Reruns

When the lockdown was implemented, I came up with a plan for myself to only rewatch some of my favourite shows. I started with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and now I am halfway through Modern Family. These shows are all light, breezy and I can just mindlessly stare at the screen without actually paying attention. If I start Money Heist right now, it will ruin my entire lockdown plan of chilling because then I would actually have to invest time and energy into focussing on a show.

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