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5 Fun Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve If You Don’t Want To Hit A Club

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The New Year is upon us. This means figuring out dresses, makeup and heels, making endless plans on Whatsapp, cancelling them and making new ones, ditching a few friends and facing their ire and basically a chaotic two weeks. But despite all the plans and the excitement, you aren’t really all enthused about hitting a club, we have a few options that are more interesting than passive smoking and handling passed out friends. S0 here goes.

New Year Eve Plans

Game Night

Invite your squad over, get in some cheese and poppers, put on some comfortable PJs and spend the night challenging each other to games on PS, or perhaps a few rounds of Catan and Monopoly!

New Year Eve Plans

Tend your own Bar

Let your place be the bar your friends would like to hit. Host a small wine tasting session, or maybe a DIY cocktail session for your close ones and welcome 2019 sipping on self-prepared drinks, while witnessing the fireworks.

New Year Eve Plans

Hike up a mountain

This New Year’s eve, aim for celebrating the night with a different kind of high. Consider going on a hike or trekking up to a quaint mountain top and get yourself the best view when the countdown begins.

New Year Eve Plans

Bonfire & Barbeque

Get up to the terrace, light a bonfire, set up a barbecue and treat yourself to some good food, even better company and the best night.

New Year Eve Plans

Spa Special

Tread off the mainstream and indulge in some me-time as your crazy new year plan. Spend the last bit of 2018, pampering yourself with  massages, candles and a bubble bath with champagne.


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