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5 Apps To Help You Calm Down And Destress!

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Between running around a bustling city to run errands and giving it your all during the 9 to 5 grind, getting time to relax and destress is never on our agenda for the day. This is when you need help to take some time off and get in sync with yourself. Unless you are living with a classical musician or a yoga guru, getting time to relax can get a difficult. Here are 5 apps that will help you relax and destress at anytime in the day, whether it is through music, yoga, or colouring.

1. Calm

Calm can help you sleep, meditate, relax and much more. By downloading this app you will learn how meditation can help elevate your mood at any time. You can pick the number of minutes you would like to meditate and the beautiful scenes and soothing background sounds really work, putting you into zen mode.

Free | Available for iPhone and Android

2. Relax Melodies

If you have been listening to EDM non-stop, you might not be able to get the appeal of music. Relax Melodies can change that.  The app will help you get a full night’s sleep as you listen to sounds that you like. You can make your own sound track by picking sounds like rain drops, waves, fire, birds chirping, and a lot more. Set a timer/alarm, sit back, listen to these sounds and relax.

Free | Available for iPhone and Android

3. Colorfy

Adult colouring books have definitely made it’s way into many of our lives.  Unlike kids, however, we can’t carry a book and pencils everywhere we go. Colorfy features a huge range of digital designs and lots of colours to pick from, so you can escape the chaos anytime, anywhere!

Free with in-app upgrades | Available for iPhone and Android

4. MindMeister

We all have a million thoughts running through our heads at any time of the day. MindMeister can help you sift through all your thoughts and structure them in a particular order. You can use the app to easily organise, prioritise, and generate new thoughts by creating unlimited mind maps, while adding files and images along the way to help you declutter your thoughts.

Free | Available for iPhone and Android

5. Daily Yoga

We couldn’t have made a list of apps without incorporating a yoga app so here Daily Yoga for you. This app will show you how to do over 500 asanas which you can do anytime, anywhere. You can also connect with other yogis as you go in depth with your knowledge of yoga as bend yourself into a pretzel.

Free | Available for iPhone and Android


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