In Mumbai, Model Coaxed Into Doing Nude Scenes After Being Given A Spiked Drink

In Mumbai, Model Coaxed Into Doing Nude Scenes After Being Given A Spiked Drink

The world is a dangerous place, and you can’t really trust anyone but yourself’, I remember my mother telling me almost every other day when I was growing up and had started to go out and make friends. One of the many pieces of advice that she would dole out to me on an everyday basis would include ‘don’t accept a drink from a stranger.’ At that time, it felt a little too extra, but now feels like life advice to hold on to. Especially when you get to hear about horrific cases of women being duped into compromising and threatening situations all the time, this time, it was a model looking for work.

The recent one is about a 21-year-old model from Mumbai, who was allegedly exploited by a gang. They have been arrested three days ago by the police under the charges of running a pornographic film racket. This is related to a case where Mumbai police nabbed a group pf 5 people for running a pornographic racket and rescued a young woman from under their grip.

Approaching the police, this woman too had lodged a complaint against a woman named ‘Yasmin Rowa Khan’, whose husband Dipankar Paritosh Khasnavis was arrested by the police on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the police also caught hold of Umesh Kamat, touted to be a close friend of a celebrity British businessman Kamat whose UK-based company named Kenrin has been accused of uploading such videos on the internet.

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A charge of uploading a total of eight pornographic videos shot by arrested model and actress Gehena Vashist on the social media app Hotshot has been put on Kamat. As far as the 21 year old model is concerned, she revealed to the police how after she won a beauty contest and was looking for her big break, she came across a woman named Alisha.

Having been introduced to Alisha’s husband, ‘Monu’, who was supposed to be a cameraman, the victim then shared that she was offered an energy drink and coerced into doing nude scenes.  It was after the victim went back to her hometown that she was informed by her friends how her videos were put on social media. It was when she approached them that she learnt that Alisha and Yasmin Rowa Khan were the same people after all.

It is a shame however, that consent is still a forgotten concept and that women are being exploited left right and center. We hope the accused receive harsh punishments for duping innocent people

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