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18 Pictures To Click With Your Bridal Brigade At Your Wedding

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The bridal brigade a.k.a. the group of people who keep the bride sane and prevent her from turning into bridezilla just a few days before her wedding. No bride is quite complete without her tribe. If you or your bestie are getting married anytime soon, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So, don’t forget to capture your bridal brigade on camera!

Take a look at 18 kinds of pictures every bride should click with her tribe! Show your love to the entire world and get ready to pose—or not—and capture the happiest moments ever!

The sunglasses gang!

The one with your bestie. So much love!

The one where you’re on a happy high!

The pre-wedding chilled out one.

The candids.

Who says the bridal brigade only consists of girls?

Who can forget the bhais?


The one with the crew!

The hands-in-the-air pose!

Making sure you look picture-perfect

The one with your sister!

The ultimate bride-to-be photo!

The pamper the bride pic.

The goofy one.


The bride with her besties!

With the beautiful bridesmaids.

Besties who share their D-Day.


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