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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Sucker For Desserts

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I don’t know what is it about desserts that makes my world go round. But if I don’t have anything sweet every single day, life begins to feel like a mess. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but just a little. When bae and I go to our favourite café, I get majorly distracted by the dessert section. But I never get to have some because he is being all diet conscious and I can’t have the entire cheesecake by myself. He knows that’s probably the only thing I hold against him at the moment. If you too have a weakness for desserts, you will relate to these things!

  1. Each time you go to a restaurant, you straight away go to the dessert menu

You’re that friend who announces they want cheesecake for dessert while people are still deciding on the appetisers.

  1. Your meals feel incomplete without something sweet

Every day at work, if I don’t get my dose of sugar rush after my lunch, I am sulking the rest of the afternoon.

  1. You have an emotional connection with sweets

When you’re PMSing, the only thing that can make you feel better is your fav dessert.

  1. Bae uses it to end a fight and successfully so

You really want to stay mad at him but he turns up with your favourite cupcakes and you find yourself melting like the icing on the top. Damn!

  1. At weddings, you have less of main course to save space for the dessert

Your friends ask you why you have taken such little food at a buffet. Little do they know, you’ve already scanned the dessert section and are saving tummy space for it!

  1. You’ve officially given up on crop tops

Losing weight on your stomach is a dream that seems futile now. Not until you quit desserts. Since that’s not happening, you’ve quit crop tops instead!

  1. When you’re on a diet, nobody is allowed to have sweets around you

You can say no to pizza but how do you say no to Nutella-laden waffles?

  1. Because when it comes to sweets, your willpower is zero

You can’t stop at just one laddoo!

  1. You look at cakes with more love than you look at bae

When you look at desserts, you can hear the sound of violins around you.

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  1. There’s no such thing is too many sweets for you

Yeah I had a doughnut after lunch, so what? I can still go for a gulab jamun after dinner.

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