World Book Day 2022: Top 5 Books By Female Authors That Have Hard-Hitting Plots

World Book Day 2022: Top 5 Books By Female Authors That Have Hard-Hitting Plots

It is World Book Day today and I am absolutely delighted! After I properly started reading books, I truly began understanding the significance of this day. And I make the most of this day by suggesting as many good books that I have read to my fellow readers or even those who want to begin reading. This World Book Day, I am here to give you, my precious readers, book recommendations. This year’s recommendations are going to be very special because they are all by female authors! I, personally, find the characters, plot, setting, emotions, the turmoil faced by the characters and their traits visualised by female authors to be more relatable and nuanced than those written by male authors. And of course, the men written by female authors are just *chef’s kiss*. So, without any further adieu, let’s dive straight into it.

Top Five Books To Read On The Occasion Of World Book Day 2022

1. The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

Its plot revolves around six strangers whose lives are not what they had envisioned to be. Julian Jessop, a renowned yesteryear’s artist, is tired of hiding behind the facade of living a happy life. But in reality, he is lonely. He starts The Authenticity Project, which is nothing but a small green diary wherein he pours in the blunt truth of his life. He leaves the book on the table of a nearby cafe hoping someone will pick it up and continue to write in it. Soon, the book changes hands between these six people and they are unaware of the honesty that they reveal in the little book will change lives forever.

This was my first book of 2022 and I am so happy I choose this one to start my year with. This book contains the much-needed positivity and honesty that everyone needs. Clare’s simple writing creates a deep impact and brings to light the day-to-day conflicted emotions we feel. All the characters have done something we feel relatable to as well.

2. The Lost Apothecary – Sarah Penner

This book tells the story of a mysterious apothecary, Nella who would brew potions and concoctions for abusive, dominant and unfaithful men. But one day, a 12-year-old girl, who has come to collect the poison on the behalf of her mistress does the unthinkable and jeopardises Nella’s fate and her dungy store’s existence. The plot shifts to the modern-day where Caroline is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary alone in London and she comes across the bottle Nella used to store her poisons. She sets out to uncover what must have happened to the store while fighting her own battles at the same time.

This book is not what I thought it would be. How its simple plot turns mysterious is superb. It kept me hooked from page one and made it difficult to put it down.


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3. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

A small magazine journalist Monique Grant is requested by yesteryear superstar Evelyn Hugo to pen her life’s story and reveal her biggest secret to the world. Monique’s editor has no choice but to let her cover the feature. As Evelyn sits down with Monique to reveal her story, the latter is left shocked and speechless. From Hollywood’s, glitz, glamour, to being the IT girl, experiencing the downfall and seeing her career decline, Evelyn has seen it all! But what Evelyn has to reveal at last is something Monique will never recover from.

This book is an. absolute. masterpiece. I would not like to spoil it but I urge you to pick it up and experience this beautiful ride for yourself.

4. Red, White and Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

Alex Claremont-Diaz’s mother has been elected as USA’s President. Needless to say, he is handsome, smart and charming. But he has a major problem with Prince Henry of England. Their squabble goes public when the press captures a photo of their not-so-friendly encounter. The Royal Family and the White House have to come together to solve this crisis and show the world that all is well between the two. But the more time Alex spends with Henry, the deeper he starts falling in love with him. But how will everyone react when this secret romance is revealed to the world is something you’ll have to read the book to find out!

This was my first time reading LGBTQ romance and I was floored! Such a cute frickin’ book, y’ll! An easy-breezy romance and there were so many places where I laughed out at Alex and Henry’s banter. A must-read!

5. It Ends With Us – Colleen Hoover

The plot of this book revolves around Lily who is born and brought up in the small town of Maine but has relocated to Boston to start her own business. In Boston, Lily meets Ryle, a HOT resident neurosurgeon and sparks immediately fly! But as their relationship progresses, Lily learns that Ryle has anger issues and in a fit of rage he would often hurt her. Just as Lily is learning to cope with this side of Ryle, her past love Atlas Corrigan re-enters her life. Atlas had been Lily’s haven when things were difficult for her to cope with. At this stage, she finds herself torn between Ryle, who does not hurt her intentionally and Atlas, who would never dream of laying a finger on her.


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This book was a bookstagram favourite and I loved how gently Colleen Hoover has handled the topic of abuse. The writing stripped me raw of my emotions and certain parts of the book knocked the air out of my lungs. A really good book that you should not put off reading anymore.

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