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5 Practical Christmas Gifting Ideas For Every Book Lover That We Know They Will Love

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It is that time of the year again when you have to pick your brain to find a perfect gift for your partner, colleague, sibling, etc. – yep, it is Christmas! I don’t know about you but when it comes to buying a gift for someone, I’d prefer to give them cash or vouchers that they can use. And I know it is boring but at least the other person gets what they want, right? Having said that, there is one category of people that I can always buy a gift for. Which, you ask? Well, it is the people that fall into the category of book lovers! I can easily buy gifts for them because I’m one of them. And so, I have decided to share my Christmas gifting ideas with you so that you can buy the perfect gift for your favourite book lover! 

I have often noticed that when someone wants to gift something to a book lover, they end up gifting them any random book or a book from the genre they like. I mean, it is not exactly a bad gift, but you can gift them something that is creative and I promise you that they will appreciate it. 

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Now that I have said creative, don’t think that creative gifts can’t have a practical use, because I can assure you that they can. I’ve always been the person that believes that if you’re getting someone a gift then get a practical gift – a gift that they can use. And so, I’m taking it upon myself to give you a list of practical gifting ideas that you can browse through before you decide on the one perfect Christmas gift that a book lover will love.

Here are my top 5 practical Christmas gifting ideas that book lovers will love and appreciate:

1. Book Page Holder

If you ever see a book lover struggle then the only reason (that I can think of) for their struggle is trying to keep the book open. I mean, it can definitely get annoying. But with a thumb page holder, there’s no need to struggle since it literally keeps the book open without bending it. 

2. Reading Book Lamp

This is the perfect gift for any book lover who is reading at night or travelling around. It is durable, rechargeable, portable, and aesthetically pleasing, what more can you ask for?

3. Warm, Comfy Napper

One of my favourite ways to read a book – especially during Christmas – is getting comfy on a couch with my warm napper and hot chocolate. There is just something so comfortable about a napper that it sets the mood just right and this Christmas-themed napper is one of them.

4. Corner Bookmarks

All book lovers hate when the corners of their pages curl up. I mean, it is annoying and frustrating. And so the practical solution to that is these super cute corner bookmarks with a Christmas theme, isn’t it?

5. Christmas Hand Stamped Bookmark

If you’re looking for something traditional to gift then this silver Christmas tree bookmark is a perfect choice. It has an intricate design with a cute Christmas tree at the end of it that makes for the ideal bookmark.

Not going to lie, finding a gift for a book lover on Christmas can be tricky. But I hope that my list of practical gifting ideas will prove to be helpful and insightful. Happy gifting, you!

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