Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Ultra Cute Mini Backpack

Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Ultra Cute Mini Backpack

I love travelling so much that if I had my way I’d only travel the world and never go back to work! Nothing beats the feeling of discovering new cities and countries and mingling with the locals and learning a new thing or two everyday. One thing I’ve learnt about travelling is that there’s nothing you need more than a backpack that fits all your essentials and comfortably (and safely) carry them around with you while you’re on the go.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I love carrying my world with me in my handbag. A sketchbook, notebook, and a few pens are staples for me given how I love to doodle all the time. I don’t like missing out on something that I could possibly need, so my sunnies, wallet, perfume, charger, lip colour and a few hair clips along with some stationery are what you’ll always find in my bag. For those of you who like to travel light in spite of having all these essentials to take care of, a mini backpack like this one is precisely what you need.


New Look Mini Backpack


This super cute black backpack has a single grab handle which makes it easy to carry it around. You know you struggle with those dual handle bags, don’t lie! Also, I have a back issue so I can’t carry around anything too heavy, so this backpack is the perfect size. It fits in all of my essentials but is super light, so I know there’s no chance of a backache as I can’t over-stuff it and make it too heavy to lug around. A black backpack is one you definitely need in your wardrobe. Think of everything you can pair it with and I promise you’ll do a little happy dance at the realisation. It’s classy, cute and the leather detailing puts it right on top of my #HauteList this week.

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Shachi Lavingia

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