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Meghana’s Makeup Products Get A Swanky New Address!

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I’d like to call myself a newbie (not a noob) when it comes to all things makeup. Because hey, there’s always a scope to get better at acing the contouring technique and the winged eyeliner, right?

Lip balm and a kajal were the only 2 staples I swore by, before I got introduced to the magical world of beauty products. All thanks to the amazing makeover that I got from celebrity makeup artist, Lekha.

That’s when I realised that I should do myself a favour by learning the nitty-gritties of makeup. I am still in the process of handpicking beauty products for my makeup box — right from the correct blush for my skin tone to the perfect highlighter to complement my cheekbones.

That’s when it struck me that my super precious products need some TLC too. Because trust me, it’s a pain to hunt for the tool in need, when I am (always) running late! Enter this super cute makeup bag from New Look.


New Look Brocade Makeup Bag_Editor's Picks_Hauterfly

New Look Neon Brocade Makeup Bag

This very pretty makeup bag will act as the perfect accessory for my dressing table. Also, it’ll be a one-stop beauty shop for me, especially when I am on the go — be it a spontaneous road trip or my next big vacation. Those neon flowers are so catchy that you have to be blind to not notice them.

Okay then, let me go fill this bag with more beauty products, because a girl can never have too much makeup, right? *wink*

SHOP NOW: New Look Neon Brocade Makeup Bag (Rs 6,735)


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