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Japleen Finally Has A New Phone And It Was Definitely Worth The Wait

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In the last 3 years, I have changed 3 phones. The phrase ‘butter fingers’ was invented for me, and if there was one word synonymous to careless, it would be Japleen. I have no shame in admitting that I have carelessly dropped my phones, broken the screens, sent them into a coma, and never bothered to bring them back to life.

My last phone had several cracks on the screen for about 6 months and not once did I think to get it repaired. Clearly, I am lazy, too. So, when my mom was buying herself a new handset, I jumped onto the bandwagon and purchased a new smartphone for myself, and I have to confess, I have found my baby. This is one phone I will guard with my life (okay, too dramatic).


So, when I was researching for a phone that is under Rs 20,000 (because, given my track record, if I manage to damage any of the expensive ones, both my Dad and I will have a heart attack), the recently launched Moto G 5 showed up on my screen and I knew this was the one.

TBH, it just like any other Android device with the normal features of fingerprint lock, a 12-megapixels camera, a 4 GB RAM, dual sim, 32 GB internal storage, and so on. But what attracted me was that it was cheap and looked bomb. In the last week, I showed it to at least 20 people and they all were amazed by the price and how slick it looked.

For someone like me, I just need a phone for my social media activities, calls, texts, and a few apps here and there, which this one readily fulfills. Plus, this one is a latest entrant in the market, with a higher version, called Moto G 5 Plus, which is essentially the same model with more storage facility and Rs 2,000 higher price tag. Otherwise, they are identical.

Available in gold and grey, if you’re looking for a good quality inexpensive phone that looks sexy, please buy this one without thinking twice. Also, it comes equipped with a gorilla glass, so hopefully it will be saved from my massacre tendencies.

SHOP NOW: Moto G 5 Plus (Rs 16,999)


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