Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Ikat-Print Laptop Bag

Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Ikat-Print Laptop Bag

I think it’s time for me to make a confession: I’m obsessed with bags. I love adding new ones to my collection as often as I can. So much so, that there’s absolutely no space left in my cupboard to store them (that doesn’t stop me from picking up the next one on my list though)! Some of my favourite bags are the kind that are spacious enough to hold all my essentials while still looking chic.

Like a lot of girls, I like carrying my world around with me. So you’ll find sketchbooks, stationery, make-up, perfume, hair clips, a spectacle case, pepper spray, my phone, a phone charger, wallet and a bottle of water in my bag at most times (phew!). Naturally, a weak bag doesn’t cut it for me. Of course, I haven’t even got to the part about a separate laptop bag yet: I often also need a smaller bag for when I’m working from a coffee shop (I do that a lot).


Nappa Dori’s Ikat Satchel Bag


So when I first laid eyes on Nappa Dori’s satchel bag, I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s PERFECT to carry a laptop as well as a few work essentials like a notebook and some stationery. What had me sold though was the beautiful ikat fabric in grey and white with brown leather detailing. I’ve been wanting a leather-trimmed laptop bag since forever, so that’s another reason why this one makes it to my #HauteList this week.

BUY NOW: Nappa Dori Ikat Satchel Bag (Rs 7,500)

Shachi Lavingia

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