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The Backpack That Is Making Japleen Want To Go Back To School

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There are a few things in life that you realise a tad too late and, more often than not, you want to relive those moments. For me, that would be school. If given an opportunity, I would want to twirl my way back to those halls, back into those classrooms.

But life doesn’t work that way, so I have to adult and work. Then again, I’m sort of a rebel. So I try to relive my childhood by purchasing as much stationery as possible with my favourite cartoons on them. Yes, I even have a slate with a chalk, and everything.

What’s more? I recently purchased a backpack, you know, the one that was supremely heavy back then? Seems so much lighter now. I’m taking my new backpack along with me everywhere and surprisingly, nobody is judging me.

Why am I surprised? It is a Minnie Mouse bag.


Koovs Disney Collection Bagpack_Editor's Picks_Hauterfly

DISNEY x KOOVS Slogan Backpack


TBH, it is more glamorous than the standard polypropylene bag we used to carry around. This bag comes from the recently launched Disney x Koovs collection, and I have happy tears looking at each product in the range

The bag comes in the statement black and red, and has Minnie Mouse printed all over it in blocks, creating a trippy effect. The words ‘Minnie Mouse’ have been splashed in white on it, really making her come alive.

But what I was most excited about, and you will be too, are the ears! There are adorable ear cut-outs on the bag and I can just flap them around with joy. That’s right, I now hop everywhere and have given up on walking whenever I have this bag on me.

Made out of poly-cotton, it is pretty easy to carry around and has enough space to keep all your essentials in nicely. So if your inner child is screaming out to you, go ahead and click shop, and gift her the best gift ever!

Plus you don’t have to worry about your outfit when you have this bag with you, because it most definitely will be the showstealer.

SHOP NOW: DISNEY x KOOVS Slogan Backpack (Rs 1,295)


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