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7 Gifts That Your K-Drama And K-Pop Enthusiast Friend Will Love

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As you guys already know, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner which means a lot of gifts. Now, I don’t know about Santa but we have to buy gifts for our family members and friends which is a difficult task, to be honest. With so many gifting options, I easily get confused. But one thing I can assure you is that I know what k-drama and k-pop lovers like because I’m one of them. From K-dramas to K-pop, I love everything about Korean pop culture, so you can trust me.

So, for your K-drama and K-pop enthusiast friend in your life, here are 7 gifts ideas which they will truly love.

1. Cute K-Drama and K-Pop T-Shirts

We did not choose the fandom life but the fandom life chose us, but we are glad we are a part of it. Through these T-shirts, you can help your friend to show their love for Korean pop culture to the whole world.

Buy them here.

2. K-Beauty products

Have you ever thought about how these Korean actors and idols look so gorgeous with and without makeup? The answer is Korean beauty products. With a set of sheet masks, creams, cleansers, hand creams, lip tints, and much more, your friend can enjoy a perfect beauty routine.

Get some here.

3. Instax Mini 11 BTS Butter Version Instant Camera

If your friend is an ARMY, they are going to love it. The Instax Mini 11 BTS Butter version is a heaven-sent gift for your friend who couldn’t stop talking about the 7 Bangtan Boys It adds special accents for BTS fans, including a vibrant Butter Yellow body with a colourfully designed bezel and matching shoulder strap, along with fun shutter button accessories including a jewelled look and the Butter heart emblem. Gift this mini camera to your friend and they click a few good pictures of you.


Buy it here.

4. A Gift Basket Full of Korean Snacks

Did your friend ever mention that your friend wants to try ramen or banana milk? Well, you can satisfy your friend’s cravings by gifting them deliciously addictive Korean snacks. 

Buy some here.

5. Plush Dolls

We know that Korean idols and actors love plush dolls and we have seen these plush dolls in K-dramas too like the Mr. Buckwheat doll from Goblin, Sugo Cow from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Monkey from A Korean Odyssey. Often unique and funny, these dolls can be your friend’s perfect partner when you are not around.

Get them here.

6. A Delivery Of Delicious Korean Food

Korean food looks so good and delicious that we want to try everything. Take your friend to a Korean restaurant and try some delicious food with them. I’m sure they will thank you for days or even weeks. Also, this will make a great place for a date too, just saying! 

Get some from here.

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7. A Korean Dictionary

You can gift your friend a Korean dictionary if you are tired to see them struggling to pronounce Korean words. This book contains all the essential K-drama and K-pop words and phrases with a  guide on how to pronounce them. They can finally understand what their favourite Korean stars are saying. 

Buy one here.

There are many gifting ideas if your friend if a k-fanatic. Take a little help from this list and find a perfect gift for your friend and who knows, they might take you for a trip to South Korea!

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