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Snehal’s New Lightbox Lamp Is Totally Pinterest-Worthy!

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Ever scroll through Pinterest and wishfully look at pretty home décor ideas, imagining that your home looked like that too? Yep, been there, done that. Well, having a stylish apartment/room is #AdultingGoals, especially if you hoard interior design magazines and are looking to revamp your humble abode.

But the thought of revamping my space and adulting comes with a price, and that only makes my bank account cry. Still, I’ve decided to take on this challenge and make some small yet chic upgrades to my tiny but cute apartment.

I stumbled upon this pretty dope website called Mango People on Instagram that made me believe that unicorns do exist in the form of cool lampshades and table-tops, and urged me to finally re-decorate my studio and live that Pinterest dream.

Out of all their amazing home décor items, I instantly fell in love with this oh-so-rad lightbox lamp that has been topping my wishlist for a while now. They come in 3 different sizes that you can choose from and are pretty cheap too.


Mango People Cinema Lightbox Lamp_Home Decor_Editor's Picks_Hauterfly

Mango People Cinema Lightbox Lamp

I got my hands on the biggest size because, let’s be honest, the bigger the better, no? Also, if you’re anything like me and follow tonnes of bloggers on Instagram, you’ll know that this has been the newest blogger craze. Not only does it look LIT (geddit?), but it also comes with 85 interchangeable letters, characters and symbols to choose from.

I’m crazy about lighting and love visualising spaces, so I picked this one because it has some cool typography on it. So whether you want to use this as your own little memo board for your daily to-do list or inspire yourself with some motivational quotes, this extremely funky lamp makes for a great addition to your home.

Also, just take a second to think about what this humble lightbox lamp could do your instagram flat-lays. I mean, just the thought of it blows my mind away!

SHOP NOW: Mango People Cinema Lightbox Lamp (Rs 3,499)


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