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5 Easy Ways To Keep Those Pesky Sugar Cravings At Bay

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Just yesterday, I had a whole doughnut at work. Of course, it was finger-licking delicious, but it was also completely unnecessary. It isn’t about watching my weight or counting calories, it is as simple as trying to be healthy and a doughnut is as far as you can get from “healthy”. Here is the thing though, I come from a Gujrati home, which means I was practically born with a sweet tooth. I get cravings that become irresistible after a certain point, so I give in to my indulgences. Sugar cravings happen to everyone, some more often than not. So today, I have compiled a list of hacks that I usually practice to keep those pesky cravings at bay. Try them out, they will definitely work for you too!

Drink a tall glass of water

You know when you’re just sitting on your desk, minding your own business and all of a sudden you feel the need to have a cupcake? If I had a rupee for every time that has happened to me, I wouldn’t need a job. But what I do then is walk to the pantry, get a tall glass of warm water and drink it. This is a trick I learned from my father. Our body is famous for playing tricks on us. So about 40% the time when you are craving sugar, it just turns out your body is just thirsty.

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Plan your meals

I know how tedious planning meals can get, trust me I have tried. But it is a vital task if you want to avoid those annoying cravings. The logic here is if you know what you are going to eat, then your body kind of complies and sticks to it. Think about it, every time you don’t know what to eat for lunch and you are open to all kinds of options you will end up picking a pizza over probably a multi-grain frankie. If you remove the spontaneous factor from your food, your cravings will get better.

Keep a snack handy

This hack is particularly important because when you are craving sugar, it doesn’t have to mean you need a cupcake or a waffle. Even if you have a small piece of jaggery by your side that you pop in, it will do the trick. Hence, keeping a snack handy always becomes vital. So, the next time you are packing all your dabbas for work, throw in a protein bar or even something as simple as glucose biscuits. These will satisfy your sweet tooth without you actually having to consume those extra hundred or so calories.

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Distance yourself from the craving

This one is pretty self-explanatory. When you feel like you are seriously craving something sweet, distract yourself from that craving. For example, just last week I was really craving something sweet and I didn’t have anything to satisfy it. So, I called a friend and spoke to her until I totally forgot about the craving. Another example is, if you are walking past your favourite cupcake store, just keep walking and make a conscious effort to not go back. It is easier said than done but if you can distance yourself, you have won half the battle.  PS: it has been proven that chewing gum can help in reducing the craving and curb your appetite.

Don’t keep long intervals between meals

One of the biggest reasons for your cravings could be hunger. Like I said earlier, sometimes the body plays tricks on your mind making you believe you need something sweet when what you really need is just food. That is why eating your meals are regular intervals is essential to keep your body satiated. Thus, reducing any craving you might have. A good way to practice this is by eating five small meals a day rather than three large ones.

Let us know if these tricks are working for you!

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