Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Adorable Animal Face Loafers

Week after week, each of us here at Hauterfly HQ give you one product that we’re crushing on. Surely by now you’re wondering why we keep talking about shopping so often! At Hauterfly, we believe in pampering ourselves and being responsible for our own happiness, even if that happiness comes from shopping obsessively! After all, shopping is the best therapy, no? We’re celebrating #LoveYourselfMonth all of February, which makes it the best month in the year for me.

While I love shopping, I’m much too familiar with that month-end feeling when you’ve got to pay the bills and the bank balance is looking sad and lonely. Which is why it’s necessary to balance your expenses by indulging in products that aren’t too expensive and still look fabulous. I love all kinds of shoes, though I’ve been slightly biased towards fabulous flats lately.

As much as I love donning a pair of heels, let me just say this out loud: Heels are bloody uncomfortable! I somehow can’t get myself to wear my gorgeous pumps anymore after rediscovering my love affair with brogues, sneakers and loafers. Especially when they look like this!



Zoomberg Cat Dog Face Loafers

These loafers from Zoomberg are so cute and affordable, I just had to put them in my cart right away. I mean, how can you not? A major part of my heart is reserved for anything monochrome and these suede loafers, coupled with boyfriend jeans and a white tee = Best. Look. Ever.

While I patiently wait for my delivery, I can already say that this month is going to be a marvelous one! See how much better shopping makes you feel?

SHOP NOW: Zoomberg Cat Dog Face Loafers (Rs 1,299)

Shachi Lavingia

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