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Zahra’s Checklist: 10 Shoes I Want From Zara Right Now!

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If there’s one thing all fashion girls know, it’s that there’s no end to all the cool stuff you can buy at Zara in any given week. Walk into any Zara store and you’ll almost always leave with something in your shopping bag — even if you went in just to browse (seriously, is that even possible?). And with summer in full swing, the fast fashion brand has an overwhelming assortment of AMAZING clothing to buy right now.

But this week, I’m all about the perfect summer shoe. And I’ve found not one, but 15 gorgeous pairs at Zara that you can shop right now. From casual shoes for women on the go to neutral kitten heels that are oh-so-practical with your office look, or even crossover metallic wedges that are all the rage right now, I’ve rounded up some of the coolest kicks to keep you summer-ready all season long.

Warning: I take no responsibility if you go into credit card debt!


Zara Pom Pom Sandals_Hauterfly

Colourful PomPom Sandals (Rs 4,990)


Zara Neutral Kitten Heels_Hauterfly

Neutral Kitten Heel Slingback Shoes (Rs 2,290)


Zara Contrast Leather Slides_Hauterfly

Contrast Leather Slides (Rs 2,990)


Zara Wedges With Crossover Straps_Hauterfly

Wedges With Crossover Straps (Rs 3,990)


Zara Metallic Sneakers_Hauterfly

Metallic Sneakers (Rs 3,990)


Zara Flat Leather Sandals_Hauterfly

Flat Leather Sandals With Floral Detail (Rs 4,990)


Zara Flat Laceup Shoes_Hauterfly

Flat Lace-Up D’Orsay Shoes (Rs 2,290)


Zara Metallic Strappy Wedges_Hauterfly

Metallic Strappy Wedges (Rs 3,990)


Zara Studded Clogs_Hauterfly

Studded Clogs (Rs 5,990)


Zara Leather Sandals With Block Heels_Hauterfly

Leather Sandals With Buckles (Rs 5,990)


Zara High Heel Wraparound Sandals_Hauterfly

High Heel Wraparound Sandals (Rs 2,990)


Zara Palm Print Sneakers_Hauterfly

Palm Print Sneakers (Rs 2,290)


Zara Ballerinas With Straps_Hauterfly

Ballerinas With Straps (Rs 3,990)


Zara Flat Sandals With Shiny Details_Hauterfly

Flat Sandals With Shiny Details (Rs 2,890)


Zara Tassled Loafers_Hauterfly

Tassled Loafers With Contrast Sole (Rs 2,890)


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