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#WOTW: What You Need To Know About Duster Jackets

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Duster jackets have been around for a really long time, but it’s only recently that they’ve come into the collective consciousness of fashion insiders thanks to the resurge of cool outerwear. You may not have known what they’re called, but you’ve definitely seen them! Every 70s movie you’ve watched, you’ll spot a duster jacket. Even flashbacks in TV shows like Vampire Diaries have protagonists wearing duster jackets. They’re vintage styles that are still trending today!

You may have heard of trench coats, and duster jackets are nothing but a form of trench coats and are an extremely chic piece of clothing. They work supremely well as a layering piece. They come in different styles and don’t always look alike. You’ll find some with sleeves and some without, with buttons or none at all, and straight shapes of with a waterfall effect down the front.

While they’re all so different, one way of telling that it’s a duster jacket is the length. Duster jackets are usually long and usually fall below the knee, with some options that go all the way to the ankles. Duster jackets are usually lightweight and come in fabrics that work perfectly for summer too.

You can totally modernise it by teaming it with a tank top and ripped jeans for a casual day out or wear it with culottes like Deepika Padukone for an evening out. You can style it differently to create an ensemble for work as well. Formal pants and a duster jacket is a really cool combination. Or put on a shirt and a pair of chic flats and you’re set to slay the day!

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