#WOTW: Everything You Wanted To Know About Accordion Pleats




My mother keeps telling me not to throw away my old clothes or accessories, because fashion trends keep making a comeback every few years. We’ve seen styles go back and forth so often now that I’ve learned to trust my mother on this. Bell bottoms, graphic prints, mules, pop art, you name it and she’s worn it back in her 20s. She’s been there and done that way before I could even say the word “fashion”, so yes mom, you’re right. I accept it humbly.

Which brings me to the topic of accordion pleats. They’ve been a trending item on international runways for the past two seasons, but in reality they’ve been around for a long, long time. So long, in fact, that they were first used in 16th century clothing and popularised as a fashion statement during the Victorian Era.

Also known as knife pleats, accordion pleats are a series of narrow, evenly-spaced folds on a garment and are usually seen on lightweight fabrics. This technique gives superb movement and a touch of whimsy to clothing — especially dresses and skirts. You’ll see tons of products just Googling accordion pleats, and there’s no denying how great they look. Check out some of Hauterfly’s favourite accordion pleat skirts here.

Accordion pleat skirts are really versatile and you can style them in so many ways to add a nice edge to your everyday ensemble. Think about how lightweight and dreamy they are and you’ll instantly want to pair one with a tank top and sneakers for a casual dinner, or dress it up with a crop top and slingback heels for a girly, retro vintage vibe. Or you can wear it like Neha Dhupia with a camisole and leather jacket to toughen up an otherwise girly look. So chic!

Shachi Lavingia

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