Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Are Absolute Fashion Goals In The Latest Myntra TVC


I’m a hardcore online shopper – always looking for the latest in fashion  and for a great deal when I am buying new outfits. But for me to shop on an app and to continue using it, I need it to be easy to use, show me plenty of options and give me all the deets right away. My choice of online shopping for fashion is obviously the Myntra app.

Recently they just signed up Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli as their brand ambassadors and I can’t be more excited about this fashion-ship!

First of all, Virat and Anushka are literally redefining fashion with every Instagram picture and photoshoot they do. I love Anushka’s styling choices – she rarely goes wrong anyway. In fact, from red carpets to appearances at stadiums, her outfit is always on point. Obviously, she’s #FashionGoals in more ways than one.

Now, most of us don’t watch a video on repeat. Except, this one gave me a earworm. The tune on this song with those vocals has got me listening to this on repeat. I might have done a little dance too, to be honest. Admit it, it’s foot-tapping!

Wait, we were talking about the app here. Which the TVC also talks about, by the way. Turns out, it has a bunch of features you won’t find on any other app.

I mean, to state the obvious, there are a lot…I mean, a lot of options to pick from. Did you notice that with Virat’s shoe? Every category has plenty of choices in styles, colours, textures, designs. If you’re like me, your cart is going to be very, very full.

But the coolest feature on the app has to be the Visual Search – where you can click a picture of something you see or like, put it up on the app and you will get similar options as the picture. Anushka shows us how to do this in the ad – she clicks a picture of a trench coat and gets so many options and the next minute she is wearing it. This is a world of possibility!  Imagine being able to see something on Google or somewhere on the streets and then actually being able to buy it, just like that.

What’s more, is that if you do end up ordering something that doesn’t fit you, or you don’t entirely love it on you, you can always use their ‘Easy Returns’ to get your outfit exchanged for something in your size, or even ask for a refund. Online shopping does not get easier than this.

I’m super spoilt for choices now. Speaking of which, that yellow power pantsuit on Anushka? Totally getting myself one of that.

At this point, there’s a strong possibility I am going to be spending more time on the Myntra app than on Instagram and that’s saying a lot! *adds everything to cart*

Want to shop on the app? Download the Myntra App here!

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