Uorfi Javed’s New Look Is Inspired From The Makkhi In Sasural Simar Ka. It’s A Flying Fashion Disaster!

What in the multiverse is this?

Uorfi Javed’s sartorial choices are a case study for fashion students, to learn what not to do when styling someone. With her unique fashion sense, which draws inspiration from the world around her, Javed can literally turn anything and everything into an outfit and you’d always be surprised. In her latest video on Instagram, Javed dropped a new look, taking inspiration from a fly AKA makhhi, as she styles a suit, made out of it.


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Not the real ones, thankfully, Javed’s fly-motif outfit featured an oversized blazer in white, and matching pants that described her latest love for flies. Using one of Instagram’s trending music, Javed’s outfit incorporated bold, black fly motifs, made using a glossy, sheen fabric, that was masterfully stuck on her suit, and one of her breasts.


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Curating the overall look, Javed went ahead with bold styling, with no shirt underneath her blazer, hair styled at the back and a glossy makeup look. Reacting to the same, Javed’s Instagram fam, again gathered in the comments section to make fun of her fashion and seemed quite surprised at her choice of inspiration. Take a look.

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